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Mind Your Money Podcast is an extension of the great education and conversation the Bradshaw Rogers Financial Partners team has always believed in. This show will extend the kinds of financial and retirement planning topics we've covered over the years in our video series and blogs with the added ability to highlight and elevate some of the top business owners and leaders in and around Salisbury, NC.

Your hosts are Trent Bradshaw and Brandon Rogers of Bradshaw Rogers Financial Partners. If you would like to be a guest or ask Trent and Brandon a question, please reach out. Email or call 704-216-2260.

Discussions in this show are for educational purposes only. Information presented should not be considered specific investment advice or a recommendation to take any particular course of action. Always consult with a financial professional regarding your personal situation before making financial decisions. The views and opinions expressed are based on current economic and market conditions and are subject to change. All investing involves risk, including the potential for loss of principal. Securities and Advisory Services offered through United Planners Financial Services, Member FINRA, SIPC. Bradshaw Rogers Financial Partners and United Planners are not affiliated. United Planners and its representatives do not offer tax or legal advice.

Jun 20, 2024

When it comes to managing money, we all have our justifications for the choices we make. However, some of these excuses can lead to poor financial decisions that may affect your future. In this episode, Trent and Brandon share some of the most common excuses they hear and explain why they don’t often hold water.

Jun 6, 2024

Many people have preconceived notions about what retirement should look like. Oftentimes, TV commercials and retirement shows paint this as a time of endless days of relaxation, travel, and leisure. But how realistic is this for you?

We’ve found that some people just need a reality check when it comes to understanding...

May 16, 2024

There's something fun about getting to know the people behind the professional titles. So, in today’s episode, Trent and Brandon are taking a break from financial talk to share a bit about themselves. They’ve lined up some unique questions to help you get to know them on a more personal level.

From childhood...

May 2, 2024

The Kentucky Derby is coming up on May 4th this year. As always, it’ll be a spectacle of speed, strategy, and stunning hats. In this episode, we’ll explore how several intricacies of horse racing intertwine with the journey to crafting a winning retirement plan.

Learn the importance of a strong support team,...

Apr 18, 2024

Unpack the toolbox of technology that's promising to redefine retirement planning, but does it deliver? This episode takes a critical look at the wave of innovations, from personal finance management software to online calculators, and questions whether they truly simplify the planning process or introduce...